Benefits of this program:

  • The programs provides each gift officer with a predetermined number of visits scheduled per month by this office

  • Increase the number of visits, therefore increasing the number of prospects visited and gifts closed

  • Increase the number of prospects contacted

  • Help callers research and reach lost alumni

  • Update university database with current contact information confirmed with prospects

  • Create focus and improve discipline among development officers who will be planning trips in advance and increase efficiency of their trips/visits

  • Establish and communicate best practices for calling to your team

  • Help callers create efficient and practical call lists

  • Groom future development officers through this training- no other formal training currently exists

  • Provides data tracking, metrics and reporting for program management

  • Callers will become content specialists and share best practices for calling with development staff

After assessing needs and resources of your development program, will work with key personnel/managers to analyze current practices, identify needs and together develop a completely customized plan to create and implement a visit scheduling office program to achieve your goals:

     An innovative visit scheduling office program that is either:

Implement An Innovative Visit Scheduling Office

  1. Assist in getting the office up and running-which may include job descriptions, training requirements, and job responsibilities/performance contracts

  2. Conduct scheduling staff training

  3. Conduct scheduling office manager training - "train the trainer"

  4. Work with IT/Advancement Services & manager to track caller activity & status

  5. Train managers to track Development Officer's productivity - to confirm visit numbers aren't decreasing

  6. Work with managers to establish calling talk tracks

  7. Work with leadership to access who should be on the call lists (your organization's priority discovery prospects

  8. Provide feedback & guidance on Scheduling Process (call lists, trip request form, etc.)

  9. Share best practices, tips & tools to calling staff & development officers

  10. Provide for pilot program follow-up review, training and expansion

  11. Work with human resources to discuss any confidentiality agreements, HIPAA training that you require

To achieve these goals I will:

​​​Leslie A. Chambers, President & CEO

Visits, Visits, Visits!

  1. Staffed and operating visit scheduling office program to support your Development staff (full time Development Associates) or:​

  2. A part-time Visit scheduling office program (i.e. students, administrative assistants, support staff as callers) to support your Development staff